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On this page, I want to introduce interesting links, which give further informations to the items of my website - and of course I want to recommend the websites of some friends.
Links to the Yellowstone Natl. Park
On this site you can find everything about the Park. Wheather-inforfmations, webcams, tour-guides, lodging and much more. The site is English!
The website of the "National Park Service", here you can find infos about all National Parks of the United States. The following links leads you directly to the "Yellowstone National Park" site of the NPS:
Of course the websites of the NPS are in English language!
On this site you can find weather data about all States and hundreds of Cities of the USA. The forecasts are very useful for people travelling in the United States. The site is English, but you can see the weather data in metric measures.
Great pics of the Yellowstone Natl. Park!!! Julius has hundreds of wonderful pics from all over the world.
Excellent page for people who love to see the world!!
Links to the "Hahnweide" Airplane Meeting
The website of the organizer of the "Hahnweide" Airplane Meeting. On the site there are informations about the planes that will take part, the way to the "Hahnweide" and accommodation adresses.
Links to friends
The website of Rainer and Martina shows great vacation pictures of tropical regions. The Caribbean Sea, Mauritius and Bali are the prefered aims of them. Additional they have lots of pictures of our South German native country.
A picture gallery of the family of my fellow-officer Otto Welsch
not active at the moment, because the site is rebuilt)
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