Oldtimer Airplane Meeting "Hahnweide Airfield" (Kirchheim/Germany)
For more than 20 years a veteran airplane meeting takes place on the Hahnweide Airfield near Kirchheim unter Teck (southwest Germany). At the beginning of September in every odd year hundreds of veteran airplanes visit the small airfield.
What has started in 1979 as a quiet meeting of flight enthusiasts has developed into one of the greatest meetings of its manner in Germany.

The "Hahnweide" is a trans-Europeanly known gliding field and has two grass runways of different length and orientation.
The organizer of the meeting is the "Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth", a Flight Club, which has its home on the "Hahnweide". For the event of the meeting there are hundreds of voluntary helpers needed. Only this way the three days of the meeting, with its 50 - 60,000 spectators, can be a sucess, for those who take part and for the spectators.

It is not the sense of the event to demonstrate risky aerial maneuvers.

The history of the beginning of aviation shall be represented lively to an interested audience, and of course the "old flying mashines" shall be shown in the air!!

According to these aims, there never happened bad accidents on the "Hahnweide" up to now.
The official label of the Oltimer Airplane Meeting
(With friendly permission of the "Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth")

The meeting always takes place over the first September weekend -- always in the odd years . The participants, mostly travelling with their own veteran aircrafts, usually arrive in Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

At Saturday morning the flight demonstrations start. They last the whole Saturday and can also be seen on Sunday up to the afternoon. On Sunday afternoon the departure of the participants takes place.
The offered flight demonstrations are for example biplane echelons, single demonstrations and aerobatics programs.
Info Box -- Info Box

Your way to the Hahnweide near Kirchheim u. Teck:

Federal Highway A 8
(Stuttgart - Munich)
Exit Kirchheim-West

State Route
B 297 Direction Nürtingen
approx. 1 km left to the Hahnweide
A choice of planes, shown in the last years:
  • Blériot La Manche (originally rebuilt replica)
  • Focke Wulf Stieglitz
  • Boeing Stearman
  • Bücker Jungmann and Jungmeister
  • Beech 17 "Staggerwing"
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109
  • Supermarine Spitfire
  • historical gliders
  • ... and much more other airplanes!!
View over the "Hahnweide" airfield Please have a look at my picture galleries!!
The next Oldtimer Airplane Meeting takes place
02. - 04. of September 2005!!

Picture Galleries: Oldtimer Airplanes Fighter Gallery Other Airplanes
Hahnweide 2003

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