Chevrolet Blazer
M 1009 - Ex-Army
Now I have done it - I thought about it for nearly 5 years:

In December 2003, I bought a Chevrolet Blazer M 1009 (US Army version of the Chevrolet K 5). A quite unusual car here in Germany. The size of that vehicle does not make too much sense for the narrow traffic here and because of this it must be a hobby.
It is a real hobby, that needs a lot of time.

There is always something to work on an '85 Chevy - no work, no drive!!!

But on the other side, it makes real fun to drive along the highways for some hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon and feeling the power and the sound of that great V 8 engine.
Some technical data:

V8 Diesel, 6174 ccm (381cui), 135 HP (99 kw)

Turbo Hydramatic (TH) 400, 3-gear Automatik

Highspeed approx. 140 km/h (85 mph)
Travelling speed 100 - 120 km/h (60 - 70 mph)

33 x 12,5 x 15 AllTerrain

1985 -1995 service in the US-Army
since 1995 in private owners here in Germany
In May 2004, I met with some more Chevy drivers in an "Off Road Park" in South Germany. In these two days, I was able to test the excellent off road qualities of these great cars.

Here in that Off Road Park, we were some ex-army M 1009, M1008 and of course some K 5 - most of them with diesel engines. Regular fuel is too expensive here in Germany.

If you are interested to see some pics of the meeting, please click on the button "go on" - if not, please click the button "back"!!

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