The howling of the wolves!!
Yellowstone Natl. Park

The Yellowstone is the oldest national park of the United States and probably of the whole world... the visitor does not need very much time, to understand why in the year 1872 a national park was founded in the northwestern corner of the State of Wyoming.

Here we are at a place, which cannot be greater and more fascinating.

A unique show of nature is awaiting every visitor...

... because in an area of more than 9000 square km, mostly left natural, all kinds of wildlife can be watched.

The volcanic origin of the area is obvious everywhere. In almost every part of the park, you can find thousands of volcanic phenomenons. Outbreaking geysers, hot springs, steaming holes in the earth, bubbling mud pots and lakes and swamps smelling of sulfur give evidence of the heat inside the earth.

In the Yellowstone there are more volcanic phenomenons than in all the other volcanic areas of the world.

There are a lot of ways to the Park
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Driving from Denver to the Yellowstone Park:

Denver -- I 25 North
Cheyenne -- I 80 West
Rawlins -- US 287
Lander, Dubois and the Grand Teton Natl. Park
Yellowstone Natl. Park
(South Entrance)
Which way to the park you choose, depends on how much time you have and how much money you will and can spend. One of the best places in the United States to start your trip to the Yellowstone is probably Denver, CO.

If you have enough time and you want to visit the "Wild West" of the United States, you start from Denver northwards by car. A great detour is the Rocky Mountains Natl. Park, northwest of Denver. The pass-road there goes up to level of more than 12,000 ft and there are fanrastic wilderness views along the way.

Besides this, there are of course possibilities to leave Denver northward by plane. Landing on the Regional Airports of Jackson, WY or Idaho Falls, ID, you will have only 3 - 4 hours by car, until you reach the park. A bit more than two hours to drive, you have, when you are landing at the Municipal airport of Cody, WY.
The fastest route from Denver to the Yellowstone leads via the town of Lander, WY.

Lander has about 7000 inhabitants and is situated in the center of the State of Wyoming. From Lander you have 5 or 6 more hours to drive to the Yellostone Park, so it makes sense to stay there for the night.

Near Lander you can make interesting detours to the historic town of South Pass City and the Sinks Canyon State Park.
"South Entrance" of the Yellowstone Natl. Park
Also woth stopping is the little "Cowboytown" of Dubois, which is situated directly at the US Highway 287. From there you will have little more than two hours to drive, until you reach the South Entrance of the Yellowstone (via Grand Teton Natl. Park).

The Aellowstone itself has 5 entrances, South, East, North, West and one additional in the Northeast. At the entrance you have to pay the "Entrance Fee". The price of 20 US$ is worth it, the ticket is valid for 3 days and includes the visit of the Grand Teton Natl. Park.

People, who want to stay longer than three days or want to visit more Natl. Parks, should ask for the "Golder Eagle Passport" or the "National Park Pass" (50 US$ in 2001). It could be the better offer.

Animals in the Yellowstone Park
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Visitors and wild animals:

All animals in the park are wild and therefore dangerous !!

... even if they do not look like!

Wild animals, which are feeded by people, become unusual to find their own food in winter, when the park is closed. So they have to starve and die!!

The feeding of wild animals in the Park is strictly prohibited!!
The number of animals, you can see in the park is amazing, you must have seen it with your own eyes. Every day and at lot of different locations in the park, people can watch a really unforgettable show of wild animals. The animals, which can be watched without problems range from the small chipmunks to coyotes, deers, moose and the mighty buffalos.

Some years ago, wolves were brought to the park. At some places, having much patience and luck, people can watch some of these fascinating hunters. Meanwhile there are five wolfpacks in the Yellowstone, which have their areas in the different parts of the park.
The "Grizzlies", which also live in the park, are not seen very often. During the summer they live in the higher areas of the park, which are not visited by the people.

If you see one of them in late autumn or early spring, you should be very careful and follow the advices you have received at the park-entrance.
Chipmunks can be seen everywhere in the Park, they are very familiar to man
Here you can come to the
Yellowstone Picture Gallery
There are different excellent and informative websites about the Yellowstone Natl. Park. The links to the site of the "National Park Service" and to a private Yellowstone-page (both Englisch) you can find in my linklist

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