The "Who is Who" of this Website
How I look:
Thomas Klammer
Southwest Germany
Computers, Reading, North America
see below
This is the copleteley renewed second edition of my website.

I hope, my visitors will find it as interesting and informative as the first version.
As in the first version, I want to make a note about this website and the items shown on this website.

As someone, who likes seeing the world, I think I am able to accept critics and to accept the people and the world as they are. But I do not like to discuss about exremistic points of view.

On this website, there will be no space for racism, anarchism and other non democratic ideas.

These people should stay away from my site and discuss their insane ideas on the websites made by their friends.

To all the others, the really interested guests, I wish much pleasure with second edition of my website!


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